OOTD – outfit of the day

Leather pants from RAVN, top from Graumann, bag from Decadent Copenhagen and poncho from Dante6 (prefall collection). Swedish ELLE-blogger Hanna... Continue Reading


The charms of jewellery

Lockets have been wore for all ages, but became especially popular during the Victorian era. Back then they were mostly worn around the neck, and then they migrated towards the bracelet as well. Although... Continue Reading

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The coat

When fall comes along, we always turn to that perfect garment that keeps us warm without having to sacrifice our chicness. The classic coat never gets old, and we should all have one to turn to when weather... Continue Reading

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Rings rings rings

Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory, Coco Chanel once said. She made a good point although our current favourite... Continue Reading



We are head over heels in love with Copenhagen and we visit so often it has become our second home. Based in Gothenburg we are only three hours by car from the city that makes any other scandinavian city... Continue Reading

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The perks of the perfect knit

 Winter is here, and it's time to snuggle up in one of our favourite fabrics that comes in endless variations of textures, knit techniques and...Continue Reading

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These streets will make you feel brand new

We've just come back from a short trip to the city that never sleeps, and like always after a visit we're filled to the brim with inspiration. There's nothing like New York air, it has a certain quality...Continue Reading

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“Leopard is a neutral”

Leopard spots seem to have more than nine lives, in fact it appears to be immortal. We see the print every year, and somehow it never gets old. Its vibrant feel appears to make people crave it year after...Continue Reading

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Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, born in Philadelphia 1929 is one of the few true style icons of this day and age. First famous for her modelling turned into acting, but most of us know her from her marriage with Prince Rainer...Continue Reading

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The little black dress

We are all looking for those perfect pieces that will help make dressing up easy and quick. An essential piece in that quest is the little black dress. It's always the right pick, whether you're going...Continue Reading